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Lodoicea Apartments has a strong approach towards green and sustainable practices in operating its business. Raising an overall awareness of sustainability and creating a positive impression towards their guests, staff and stakeholders is a key element for Lodoicea. The management team of Lodoicea Apartments is ensuring that those green initiatives are undertaken systematically and being monitored over time to also identify opportunities for further improvements.

The following green and sustainable initiatives are implemented at Lodoicea Apartments:

- eco-friendly and tinted windowpanes

- special glass wool insulation for a convenient room climate

- drinkable filtered clean water in all units (

- water heating with solar power (

- energy saving LED bulbs indoor and outdoor

- energy saving dual inverter air conditions

- saltwater pool (reduce of chorine)

- reduce of plastic and waste

- picnic basket with reusable plastic plates and cups offered for clients

- purchase of toilet paper, paper tissues, detergent, washing powder in bulk to reduce packaging

- rain water harvest for toilet flush and outdoor watering

- washing towels and bed sheets on demand

- shutting down appliances when not in use

- request guests to switch off air condition when leaving the room

- leaflet for guests about sustainable travel practices in Seychelles 

For Seychelles, sustainable tourism is particularly important due to the country’s high biodiversity and economic reliance on tourism. Future generations’ prosperity relies on the ability of present generations of Seychellois to use their resources with care.